Wisteria Witches by Angela Pepper

Zara Riddle moves to the town of Wisteria for a dream job as a librarian. She hasn’t even unpacked her moving boxes when she and her teen daughter, Zoey, are swept up in a murder mystery.

With all the ghosts and supernatural creatures around (Including a real hunk of a wolf shifter! Meow!) it’s a good thing the Riddle women are tougher than they look. Now, if only they could handle their new witch powers as well as they’ve mastered their sarcastic wit!

Titles in the Wisteria Witches Mysteries include:  Wisteria Witches – Wicked Wisteria – Wisteria Wonders

Title:  Wisteria Witches
Series:  Wisteria Witches Mysteries #1
Author:  Angela Pepper
Genre:  Cozy Mystery Paranormal
Published:   February 2, 2017
My Rating:  4 stars

Wisteria Witches starts off this cozy mystery paranormal series with an attention grabbing story full of quirkiness, fun and things that definitely go bump in the night – and sometimes the day, too.  Zara and her daughter Zoey have made the move from the hectic big city to small town life in Wisteria where Zara will soon begin her librarian duties.  They have a new home full of character, history… and perhaps more.  Odd neighbors fill out their first day in town and it’s only going to get more exciting from there.

As a cozy mystery, I don’t feel I can’t get too deeply into the plot without giving away things that should be discovered by each reader as they experience this enjoyable tale.  But you will find that quirkiness throughout the story, bad puns, witchcraft and a who dun it that will involve most of the town or so it seems at times.  Fun characters, a beginning possible romance, enjoyable secondary characters and a mystery just itching to be solved.

I had such fun with this one and I’m heading over to Amazon to download the next in the series.  If you love cozy mysteries then this might me a title that you’ll want to get your hands on.

I read this title through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.  The best $10 fee I pay each month.

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