Wicked Deeds by Heather Graham


Eager to start their life together, historian Vickie Preston and Special Agent Griffin Pryce take a detour en route to their new home in Virginia and stop for a visit in Baltimore. But their romantic weekend is interrupted when a popular author is found dead in the basement of an Edgar Allan Poe-themed restaurant. Because of the mysterious circumstances surrounding the corpse, the FBI’s Krewe of Hunters paranormal team is invited to investigate. As more bizarre deaths occur, Vickie and Griffin are drawn into a case that has disturbing echoes of Poe’s great works, bringing the horrors of his fiction to life.

The restaurant is headquarters to scholars and fans, and any of them could be a merciless killer. Except there’s also something reaching out from beyond the grave. The late, great Edgar Allan Poe himself is appearing to Vickie in dreams and visions with cryptic information about the murders. Unless they can uncover whose twisted mind is orchestrating the dramatic re-creations, Vickie and Griffin’s future as a couple might never begin…

Wicked Deeds is the #23 title in the Krewe of Hunters series.  This book connects to Dying Breath #21 & to Dark Rites #22

Review Date: January 3, 2018

Title:  Wicked Deeds
Series:  Krewe of Hunters #23
Author:  Heather Graham
Genre:  Paranormal Romance, Mystery
Published:  September 19, 2017
My Rating:  4 stars

Vickie and Griffin never expected to fall right into the middle of yet another mystery with strong touches of the paranormal.  They simply made a side visit on the way home, well Vickie’s new home with Griffin, to settle in before Vickie begins her official FBI training in order to join the Krewe of Hunters.  A meal at a quaint little restaurant with strong themes of dead writers, particularly Edgar Allan Poe should have been merely that – a good meal, not the beginning of a murder investigation… with the infamous Poe himself adding to the mix.

Wicked Deeds gives us a lively group of suspects to examine while searching for the truth behind several deaths.  Deaths that have a strong sense of revenge, retribution and ties back to our famous Mr. Poe.  One death was made to appear as if the victim had done himself in, the second had no chance of making that assumption.  As Griffin and Vickie search for the truth, unofficially at first, they are also drawn into the mystery surrounding Edgar Allan Poe’s death nearly one hundred and fifty years ago.  With his ghost alongside them we’ll not only learn what might have happened to Mr. Poe so long ago… and discover how one murder ties in with all the others.

I enjoyed Wicked Deeds and the chance to spend a bit more time with Griffin and Vickie.  And I’m always glad to see Adam again.  The story is intense, with a few roll your eyes at a character’s shenanigans but I didn’t have the true culprit tied down before the reveal… although I did wonder, but wondering doesn’t count in solving murders now does it?

If you are a fan of the Krewe of Hunters series, then you’ll enjoy this addition to the longstanding series.  If this is your first time with the Krewe, well you might want to start back at the beginning of this set of three stories with Dying Breath, since that’s where Vickie and Griffin’s story begins.  I’d usually say start at the beginning of it all but that’s twenty something stories ago – as this is part of our main couple’s set of stories then I’d start with them.  I’d definitely recommend Wicked Deeds for any reader who enjoys Paranormal, Mystery and putting puzzle pieces in just the right spots before the ending.

I own a Kindle edition of this novel.

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