Why Do You Read Paranormal Romance?

paranormal tree sceneI fell in love with the paranormal decades ago.  Dracula.  Frankenstein.  Night of the Living Dead.  To name a few.

Then Dark Shadows – a paranormal soap opera.

Then onto Romance books, and eventually Paranormal Romance started to evolve as a sub-genre of horror.  I was hooked.

Harlequin / Silhouette Nocturne line came along and suddenly there were real romances, featuring werewolves, vampires, ghosts and all such magical creatures.

nocturne line


I was in absolute heaven.  Finally I could move beyond the gothic novels that almost, but not quite hit on what I was searching for in reading materials.  I had found my favorite genre of romance novels – and I’ve not look over my shoulder ever since.

Today, there are countless paranormal romances to pick and choose from.  Any type of known mystical entity (and many newly invented for this genre) can be found in love with a human – somewhere in the universe.

Why I Read Paranormals

One reason – ultimate escape.  I can certainly escape to a desert island, or to a penthouse suite with a billionaire at my bidding in Romance.

But in Paranormal Romance I can literally  escape this entire existence into unknown situations, creatures, villains, alpha heroes, hot heroines and everything in between.  I can step into another dimension, I can walk up to the gates of Heaven, I can burrow beneath the earth n a healing day sleep, I can shift into a glorious wolf and run free across my territory.

Where else could I possibly do all that and more?

I strongly doubt that I will ever outgrow my love for Paranormal Romance.  (nor my enjoyment of being “scared” within a safe environment)

You’re here, so I’m assuming you read Paranormal Romance as well.  Why?  I’d love to hear your reason.  Drop a comment, please.