Yesterday Cece Cash came dangerously close to stuffing Derek North into the trunk of her car and dumping his body in the Vegas desert. Then she snapped out of her daydream and realized he wasn’t worth the prison time. 

As much as Cece hates to admit it, she needs Derek. Her old pal’s cash rescued her private investigation agency. Her witchcraft hadn’t been enough to save the business. Luckily for her, Derek has the money and she has the skills. Well, at least she thinks she has the skills. She’s still counting on the spell casting to help. 

Now if she can just pay Derek back, she’ll send him packing to Savannah and get him out of her hair for good. Wisecracking and fun-loving Derek has other plans though. He enjoys being a part of the agency. Life is a party and he isn’t about to waste a minute of it. Why else would he come to Vegas? 

What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas. Sometimes the shenanigans pop up in the middle of the desert in a burning car. A successful owner of a fitness club is suspected of murder and disappears right after the crime. Cece and Derek are hired to find the woman and uncover the truth about the homicide of a young fitness trainer. The stakes are high in Sin City for Cece and Derek. Will luck be on their side or will they lose it all? 

Titles in the Paranormal P.I. Mystery series include:  What The Hex? – The Hex With It

Title:  What The Hex?
Series:  Paranormal P.I. Mystery #1
Author:  Rose Pressey
Genre:  Cozy Mystery, Paranormal Romance
Published:  December 31, 2015
My Rating:  4 stars

What the Hex? is a lighthearted cozy mystery that is light on the witchcraft and more focused on the cozy mystery.  Not that I mind, I’ve long enjoyed Rose Pressey’s stories, it’s just there really is little witchcraft in here and for a “paranormal mystery” series I kinda expected more on the paranormal side of things.

Cece and Derek are partners in her private investigation agency, well she’s the P.I. he’s the one who she borrowed money from to start the agency so he gets a desk and his name on the door.  Derek is outgoing, Cece not so much.  So when a new client shows up looking for her missing best friend who is being accused of killing another friend – well, things get complicated real fast.  Derek’s been to one of their parties, so he’s who the client wanted to do the searching.  The resulting mystery is fun, lighthearted and full of suspects.

Cece’s aunt left her the house in a retirement community, a spot in the local coven and lots of new retiree friends.  Her nights are pretty anti-social as she mixes up spells and maybe has a side job that she’s definitely not wanting Derek to know about… especially the spell making.  A lot of their story is hiding back what she is and  does from Derek.

I had fun with What The Hex?.  It’s got charm, a touch of romance, a puzzle to figure out and a cute side story within the main mystery.  If you’re in the mood for a cozy mystery, a bit of dabbling in the craft, enjoyable main characters and some bad guys to hunt down then this story is sure to satisfy.  I’d recommend this one for any Cozy Mystery lover, and I’ll be picking up the second story to find out what Cece and Derek are up to next.

I read this title through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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