If ever a whole town could be haunted, Devil’s Moon, Kentucky would be that town. Ripley Van Raden, or Rip as her friends call her, has come back to her hometown to start her own ghost tour business. That’s not her only career path though. Librarian by day, and ghost tour guide by night, Rip is ready to take on the ghosts following her around and the mysterious residents who show up for more than the tour in the Devil’s Moon Cemetery. 

Her first day on the job as librarian, Ripley finds a dead body and a ghost who can only communicate through electronics. Who knew ghosts could send text messages? To make things even more complicated, Ripley meets a hot cop who happens to also be a ghost hunter. She doesn’t know if Brannon Landon is interested in helping her or just around for the paranormal activity. 

When Rip discovers threatening notes between the pages of a novel, she must solve the library patron’s mysterious death before she unwillingly joins the other side of her haunted tour. 

Titles in the Haunted Tour Guide Mystery series include:  These Haunts Are Made For Walking – A Walk On The Haunted Side – Haunt the Haunt, Walk the Walk – Walk This Way, Haunt This Way – Take A Haunted Walk With Me – Hauntin’ After Midnight –

Title:  These Haunts Are Made For Walking
Series:  Haunted Tour Guide Mystery #1
Author:  Rose Pressey
Genre:  Cozy Paranormal Mystery
Published:  September 22, 2014
My Rating:  3 stars

My first experience with the Haunted Tour Guide Mystery series was a few books into the series when I inadvertently read one completely out of order and that one was really good and kept my attention.  So, following my own suggestions, I went back to the beginning before I started publishing reviews.  Frankly, if I had originally started with the first book, while it was good, I definitely would have been strongly tempted to stop my continuing of the series at that point.  There just wasn’t enough to pull me back for more even though I realized that there was a lot of world building, I would have put the rest of the stories on a very low reading priority, if at all.  In a way I’m glad I did read them out of order for now I know what’s to come and that is worth the time and effort to get caught up on Ripley’s life and adventures in the library and in the graveyard.

Ripley’s return to her home town was both a welcome move and an intimidating one as well.  Yes, she’d left the cheating ex fa r behind in California, that was the plus.  Although she’d never, to her knowledge actually encountered a ghost before, she was fascinated by the ghost tales from around her hometown.  Her ghost tours business was born and was easily one of the more entertaining things she’d done.  Starting as the head librarian was a bit daunting but she’d work through that… if the staff helped that is.  And one member of her staff definitely wasn’t going to be the least helpful or welcoming.

Then along came a murder in the library.  And her first up close and personal encounter with a ghost.  Now things were about to get interesting.

There were many things about These Haunts Are Made For Walking that I enjoyed.  The premise is fun and entertaining, the ghostly parts are fun with that spooky touch that is unique to cozy mysteries.  Brannon, cop and future love interest is adorable.  His side interest of paranormal investigations fit in so well with Ripley’s interest in ghosts as well.  There were enough clues and red herrings tossed about that could have redirected me from my first suspect, but didn’t  Only not in quite the way I suspected.  The down side was what would have stopped me from going further (if I hadn’t known better).  While I accepted the world building, there were times that I really wanted to say out loud “Yeah, I got that point already”.  Scenes like the one with her ex showing up and then disappearing for absolutely no reason.  Yeah, puzzled over that for a bit.  Just enough small things that built up to a feeling of this was good but no more for me thanks.

I like to think that I would have followed my own rule of not judging a series by book one, but since I knew (by mistake) what was coming that rule didn’t really apply.  So I’d give a word of caution to first time readers of this beginning story… give a series a chance to astound and delight you.  I’m certainly glad I did in this case.

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