Sweet Taffy and Murder by Dana Moss

Spoiled, rich party girl Taffy Belair is in trouble. Again. This time her grandmother is banishing her to a small coastal town in Oregon to clean up her act.

Cut off from familiar luxuries and expected to work and take care of a house and herself, Taffy could care less about fitting into the quirky town of Abandon.

Without her posse of girls or even good coffee, let alone a party scene, she starts stirring up new trouble. Hunky handyman Ethan is a good start. But when she stumbles over a possible murder, Taffy transforms from party girl to amateur detective.

Now she’s getting into more trouble than she ever did back in New York. She’s unearthing secrets and upsetting the locals. Is this quaint seaside enclave really the “Sweetest Town on the Coast,” or is it rotten to the core?

With the help of new friends, Taffy must risk her life to expose a conspiracy and capture a killer before the town’s body count increases by a factor of one stylish blonde (in need of a manicure).

Titles in the Sweet Taffy Mysteries series include:  Sweet Taffy and Murder – Sweet Taffy and the Marshmallow Murder

Title:  Sweet Taffy and Murder
Series:  Sweet Taffy Mysteries #1
Author:  Dana Moss
Genre:  Cozy Mystery, Romance
Published:  June 23, 2016
My Rating:  4 stars

Taffy is going to have to grow up fast and take responsibility for her actions… and learn how to live like the rest of the world, paycheck to paycheck.  She’s a spoiled, entitled, rich little … female who has finally gotten on her Nana’s last nerve.  One last drunken escapade with her equally drunk friends and her loving grandmother has put down the law, clean up your act or be cut off.  And Nana’s not joking around as she puts words into actions instantly.  It’s time for this little spoiled brat to wake up and learn how to make it on her own.

Finally arriving in Abandon, Oregon after a day from her worst nightmares, Taffy has to break into the house she’s been sent to stay at.  Falling asleep almost immediately she’ll wake up to some difficult truths about not only her situation but where she lives as well.  There’s crime tape across her front door and the chalk outline of a body on the living room floor – what in the world has her Nana sent her into?

Sweet Taffy and Murder is a humorous, lighthearted cozy mystery that will grab your attention, as well as you sense of humor.  While murder is never funny, watching our little rich girl adjust to real life while trying to puzzle out the former owner of her home’s death bring about some chuckle worthy moments, some shady characters, and more intrigue and shady dealings in this small town than most of New York City where Taffy would prefer to be right now.

To say too much about this mystery would be giving spoilers, and especially with a murder mystery that’s something I don’t want to do.  You’ll find lots of clues scattered about, some people who definitely shouldn’t be trusted and plot twists that you may not see coming.  It was an absolute joyride of a story, and I completely enjoyed myself in Taffy’s world.

If you love mysteries, cozy mysteries, then I’d definitely recommend Sweet Taffy and Murder for any Mystery reader.  Tight plots, interesting characters and a delightful cast of secondary characters to pick out the good guys and the bad guys from.  Enjoy figuring out this “who did it”.

I read this title through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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