SEAL For Her Protection by Paige Tyler

He saved her from the danger once before. Can he save her again, this time from danger he doesn’t even see coming?

When investigative journalist Hayley Garner is kidnapped by terrorists, she’s sure they’re going to kill her. But in sweeps handsome Navy SEAL Chasen Ward to rescue her. After getting her to safety, he disappears into the night before she can even thank him.

Weeks later, while covering a story on the local navy base, Hayley runs into Chasen again. Even though she didn’t see his face that night he rescued her, she can’t forget his beautiful blue eyes.

The attraction is immediate and intense, and Hayley finds herself falling into a fiery romance with the hunky hero out of her dreams. Guys like this aren’t supposed to really exist, but Chasen does, and damn is he hot.

But ever since she got back home, Hayley has had the feeling someone’s been watching her. Is it post-traumatic stress or does she have a reason to be afraid? Good thing she has a Navy SEAL to protect her.

Titles in this series include:  SEAL For Her Protection – Strong Silent SEAL – Texas SEAL

SEAL For Her Protection earned a 4.5 star rating

Title:  SEAL For Her Protection
Series:  SEALs of Coronado #1
Author:  Paige Tyler
Genre:  Romantic Suspense
Published:  April 12, 2016
My Rating:  4.5 stars

Haley usually was strong, stubborn and did things her way – even when her way was the dangerous path.  This time it backfired on her and she’s found herself a prisoner of terrorists who will most likely kill her in the next 24 hours – after they’re done with the acts that she can easily imagine before death is a blessing.  She knows she should try to escape but with an injured ankle that won’t hold her weight,it’s pretty much useless.  She will face her fate but not without the shadow of true terror at her shoulder.  Until the door to her makeshift cell was broken down and the most beautiful voice in the world spoke her name.

As a SEAL, Chasen is used to stepping into danger in order to rescue those who have faced the worst that mankind can offer.  This woman hits him very differently.  Obviously terrified, she still is trying to be brave in the face of the unknown.  If he could, he would have boarded the helicopter with her in order to keep her from ever facing danger again.  But his duty was here, in this hellhole where more people needed his attention and the mission had to be completed.  But, if fate were kind, he’d track this angel down again… and see where the future took them.

SEAL For Her Protection is Paige Tyler’s first story in her new SEALs of Coronado series.  And I have to say that this story grabbed me from the opening scenes and didn’t let go or ease up on the emotions.  The world building in this story is easily taken as part of the ongoing story, I didn’t feel an information dump in sight – which I’m always grateful for.  The romance between Haley and Chasen is at times tense, definitely smokin’ hot and lets us in on the realistic life of a Navy SEAL through the characters.  It takes a special type of personality to be the life partner of a SEAL.  When parts of a loved one’s life will always be secret, when they cannot come home and talk about their day at work and when danger rears it’s ugly head every time they leave at the drop of a hat on a mission… it can take a toll on any relationship.  So, yes, it does indeed take a special, secure and loving type of person to willingly walk into that type of relationship.  I found Haley’s introduction to Chasen’s world to be intriguing, entertaining and even educational.  So many things I never thought of were right there reminding me of what a unique person a SEAL truly is.

The suspense is an underlying secondary character all of it’s own.  As Haley continues her investigating, danger will follow her footsteps.  She’s also dealing, and not well, with PTSD from her kidnapping – even though she’d deny it to anyone who asks, it’s still obvious to those that love her.  She never feels safe alone, even in her empty apartment she always feels eyes on her.  The only time she truly feels she’s functionally as normal is when she’s with Chasen or on the job with her best friend Brad.

There is a plot twist that it took awhile for me to suspect it was coming, yet when it did arrive I’d never suspected the severity of the attack.  So, I could frankly say I didn’t see it coming.  And it adds so much to the story.

I completely enjoyed my time in this world.  Haley and Chasen were a believable, entertaining and charming couple.  The secondary characters made the journey more enjoyable, and I’m sure that many will have their own stories told soon.  SEAL For Her Protection was an intense, gripping Romantic Suspense that I’d highly recommend to any reader.  It will grab your attention and keep your heart racing… for many different reasons.

Available in paperback and for the Kindle