Return to Star Trek

As I am growing older, and some of the cast members of the original television series Star Trek pass on – I’m reminded of how much I truly loved this series and every single character.  Yet, in spite of my devastation at the series cancellation, my love for the world of Star Trek never wavered.

I sought out every fanzine, fan produced novel I could find.  And let’s be honest, some were not very good and were nothing more than typewriter paper stapled together with a pencil drawing on the cover.  But, dammit Jim – they were Star Trek and that’s all that mattered.

So I’m going to reintroduce the early Star Trek universe on Haunted Bookshelf (it’s sci-fi, it counts).  This idea just came to me after visiting someone’s Monday’s Musing where she talks about her Star Trek novel collection – and I went, Yeah, me too.  So look for some Star Trek, original cast, novel reviews in the coming weeks.  I honestly cannot wait to pull these books off of my own shelf and start reading again.

I’m starting with my all time favorite novel of that time period.  It has cats – need I say more.  *innocent smile*

Uhura's SongYears ago, Lieutenant Uhura befriended a diplomat from Eeiauo, a land of graceful, catlike beings. The two women exchanged forbidden songs and promised never to reveal their secret. Now the “Starship Enterprise(TM) ” must race to save the Eeiauoans before a deadly plague destroys them all. Uhura’s secret songs may hold the key to a cure, but the clues are veiled in layers of mystery. The plague is killing humans, threatening other planets — and Kirk must crack the code before the “Enterprise” succumbs!

I should start re-reading with the Original Series #1 – but I gotta start with the favorite #21 Uhura’s Song.  I’ll be back in a few days with a currently read review, and maybe start you on a journey of discovery, “Where no man has gone before…”