Read All The Books Challenge

As we approach the beginning of a new year I’m always looking for Reading Challenges that I have, at least, a chance of fulfilling before the ending of next year.  Truth is.. I suck at keeping track of Challenges, not reading what I need to for them but documenting that process.

I came across the Read All The Books Challenge at Anna’s site Herding Cats & Burning Soup.  And it got me to thinking.

This past year has been a hard one for losing friends, family and fur-babies to death.  2016 has been harsh.  Some were younger than myself, and in an emotional frame of mind I got to wondering exactly what I still wanted to do in life.  Say I only had one to five years left of life… what did I truly want to be doing with those years.  And that began my own version of a bucket list.

One Item on that list is to re-read the entire ...In Death series by J D Robb.  That series has become my all time favorite series, not only because of the intense love that Eve and Roarke share but because of the characters, who I now hesitate to call secondary characters… more like old friends.  Since this series began in 1995 I have watched this cast of characters go through so much, grow beyond what was originally planned for them and actually take on a life of their own.  So I thought, if I only have the time for one long series to revisit – it would be time spent with Eve, Roarke and friends.

Because of my crazy schedule this past year, I have one In Death to yet read and another coming out in about six weeks… so, yeah.  This is a gift I’m giving to myself, the chance to sit down with old friends and listen to a tale well told.

What I really like about Anna’s challenge is that there is no end date.  Completely open to finish up whenever you decide… six months, six years the idea is to finish all of one prolific author’s works.  And at over 40 books now, I think J D Robb qualifies.  *grin*  And after 20 some years, I think going back and re-reading almost qualifies as reading anew because I’m certain I’ve forgotten details on many of the stories.

READ ALL THE BOOKS challenge can be found here.   (Or through the graphic above)  So go check it out and see if it interests you.  I’m also going to be reviewing them as I read since I haven’t done that completely – and those reviews will be here on Haunted Bookshelf, so it’s fitting that I use this site to sign up for this one.