Protecting His Witch by Zoe Forward

Protecting His WitchTitle:  Protecting His Witch
Series:  Keepers of the Veil #1
Author:  Zoe Forward
Genre:  Paranormal Romance
Published:  October 27, 2014
My Rating:  5 stars
Source:  Owned, Kindle Edition
Cover Description:

The last thing he wanted was to fall for a witch…

Veterinarian Kat Ramsey hasn’t a clue that she’s a witch. Sure, she can read minds, and there’s the whole “dimension-hopping” issue that she can’t quite control, but Kat is determined to keep things normal. That is, until she accidentally hops into the Otherworld, and runs smack into Matthew Ryan–the seriously hot one-night stand from years ago who shoved her out of his dorm. Naked.

And there’s the tiny matter of the curse she gave him.

May you never find satisfaction with another woman. Billionaire and former druid Matthew Ryan hasn’t forgotten the curse, or the witch who gave it to him. Kat’s unexpected return means the curse will finally be broken. Unfortunately, his libido has other ideas–like how to get her back into his bed one last time. But far more worrying is his suspicion that Kat is the seventh Pleiades witch. Because while he’s turned his back on his druidic ways, he’s still bound to protect the woman who made his life hell.

Read on for my thoughts on Protecting his Witch.  No true spoilers, promise.

Protecting His Witch is the opening story in the fascinating Keepers of the Veil series.  Kat doesn’t understand exactly how she “pops” into another dimension of time and space – usually at the most inconvenient times.  It’s simply something that has happened to her often.  On one of those hops she ends up with Matt, a college aged Matt and after a gloriously sexy night together is shocked to discover his girlfriend at the door.  Her parting remark is taken as a curse by Matt, who has more understanding of the supernatural world than he gives away.  Kat hops back into her world where she stays for about a decade.  But thoughts about each other never quite leave Matt’s or Kat’s minds.

Now Kat has hopped back into the dimension she calls Otherworld and this time she is in a boatload of trouble.  Yes, an older, even sexier Matt is there to confront her.  And it seems that their lives are intertwined whether they want that to happen or not.  Since it is assumed that Kat is one of the Pleiade witches, one who has been lost for some time now.  Kat has no knowledge of her specialness nor of the assassins who seem to be constantly after her.  Matt has a better idea of what is happening, but he isn’t coming forward with much information for Kat – mainly because he has turned away from his druid history and he’s refusing to believe that Kat is the lost witch.  It really doesn’t matter what Matt thinks or even wants because it seems that fate has bound them together and they’d better learn how to deal fast or sink even faster.

Protecting His Witch is a complex story that sets up the rest of the series, so I expected there to be quite a bit of world building in this first story.  The dimensions that Kat hops between are similar, yet just a tad bit different – one difference being that Matt and the druid protectors as well as the descendants of the sisters are present mainly in one world.  There is an event happening soon, one that only occurs every twenty years, so it is imperative that the missing seventh witch be identified and brought back into the fold.  Matt could care less about that – he’s simply trying to figure out why Kat has such a hold on his heart, even when he says he doesn’t do commitment.

Between attempted kidnappings, assassination attempts and discovering what she truly is, Kat is also falling deeper for Matt and his frustrating attitude towards her is annoying, hurtful and so damned confusing.  It’s obvious that they are fated and just as obvious that Matt isn’t exactly thrilled about that.

This is a fast paced, action packed paranormal romance, mystery and thriller all tossed in together.  Protecting His Witch will pull you into the story on so many levels.  And if I often wanted to smack Matt upside the head, he deserved that thought.  Kat is actually much stronger than she realizes, and when she puts her mind to it she is quite an impressive witch.  I enjoyed my time spent with these characters – and I’m definitely going to continue this series.  In fact, I had read the second novel before this one – so that review will be posted here in a day or so.  For now, know that this looks to be a fascinating series full of magical people, lots of sexual tension and a fated love for each one that cannot be denied.

Available in paperback and for the Kindle

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      You are most welcome. Aren’t surprises the best thing ever?

      I enjoyed Matt and Kat’s story very much. It’s a story that readers really need to experience for themselves to “get” all the nuances that a review just can’t explain without giving away spoilers. But I’m hooked and that’s a compliment. 🙂

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