My Time With The Duke by Ardith Hunt

From 21st Century New York to Regency England, stepping into the cupboard can bring more surprises than you bargained for! 

When Melissa begins work on restoring the painting of an intriguing aristocratic lady, little does she know that her story, and that of her subject, are about to become entwined. 

Transported back to the time of Dukes and stately balls, grand houses and gracious ladies, Melissa finds herself playing the part of her alter-ego Charlotte. 

As she navigates her way through the social airs and graces of her new-found life she soon discovers that being a woman in the time of the Regency is very different to the life she had lived in New York City. Her mannerisms, thought processes and even her dreams changes as she slowly becomes a lady of the Regency herself. 

But as she journeys through her time in the past, and encounters the rich cast of characters contained therein, Melissa soon discovers that it’s easy to be happy, for love is the same whatever the time, or place.

Titles in the Regency Time Travel Romance trilogy include:  My Time With the Duke –

Review Date:  January 1, 2018

Title:  My Time with the Duke
Series:  Regency Time Travel Romance trilogy #1
Author:  Ardith Hunt
Genre:  Time Slip Romance
Published:  December 19, 2017
My Rating:  4 stars

My Time with the Duke is a fun, quick time slip romance that was entertaining and piked my interest to read the rest of this trilogy.

I rarely mention this as it does not affect the rating I give a book, but this one really could have used a fresh set of eyes for proofreading.

As a restorer of works of art, Melissa often gets to view some amazingly beautiful paintings… but she’s never found herself within that beautiful scene before now.  Somehow Melissa has left behind the modern day world of New York City and stepped into the Regency era, as an alter-ego of Charlotte.  Not knowing how to get back, she slowly finds herself melding into this new to her time period, and catching the eye of some most eligible gentlemen as well.  But it’s Cecil who has captured her heart, but is he destined to hold on to that emotional part of her?

I enjoyed My Time with the Duke.  I don’t get to read as many Time Slips as I once did, but this one gave me a few smiles along the way.  And the proof that true love will find you… no matter where you are.

I read this title through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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