My One-Click Addiction

black cat n pumpkinI’m pretty certain that I’m not alone in this particular addiction.  1-click book downloads on Amazon?  Anyone?  Oh, come on now – admit it.  I just did.

So I just found this one:

The Rest Falls AwayBook 1 in the Victoria Gardella Saga.

In every generation, a Gardella is called to accept the family legacy of vampire slaying, and this time, Victoria Gardella Grantworth is chosen, on the eve of her debut, to carry the stake.

But as she moves between the crush of ballrooms and dangerous, moonlit streets, Victoria’s heart is torn between London’s most eligible bachelor, the Marquess of Rockley, and her enigmatic ally, Sebastian Vioget.

And when she comes face to face with the most powerful vampire in history, Victoria must ultimately make the choice between duty and love.

And then of course, I couldn’t just walk away with one so this one kinda popped up at  me:

His Mind GamesA Dark and Erotic Paranormal Romance

An inner world of magic and power.

A lover. A night together—their first night.

And then—disaster. He lost his mind, but she knew the truth. She knew.

And so she ran, all the way down to Marfa Texas where she met…the man they call Jack.

A demon.

And now he has her.

And he’s playing Mind Games with her.

Contains explicit sexual content, violence and strong language. Only appropriate for readers aged 17 and older.

Paranormal Romance
New-Adult Romance


And..finally (for today) I saw this one:

Dark RadianceBryn Halbrook had always seen the glow. But it is only when her best friend dies that she discovers the meaning of those beautiful golden auras — Death. Alone, lost in the foster system, she struggles to understand who she is and why she was cursed with the ability to see the soon-to-be-dead.

The new foster kid, Aidan, isn’t helping any. Mr. Perfect seems to fit in no matter what, making her feel even more pathetic. But when his affections turn to her, Bryn finds him hard to resist. Impossible actually. A mystery himself, Aidan disappears, leaving behind a broken heart and a mysterious book that suggests Bryn might not be entirely human.

Bryn stands at the threshold of a journey of discovery. Will destiny help her find herself, find her purpose and her place in a world in which she’d never belonged?

That day I knew for sure. I’d lost control of my tears then. They fell in huge, mocking drops. I stared at Joshua through those bitter tears, my heart missing beats as I tried to remember to breathe.

I finally knew what the glow meant.

I was a freak and Joshua was going to die.

Oh, come on – like you could resist those either.  🙂

There is a part of my mind that knows. knows that I’m just going to get sucked into buying additional books in order to read the entire thing.  But, for me, resistance is indeed futile.

So these are part of my reading plans for the next couple weeks.  Usually they are short enough to make it a fast read, so I’ll let you know my thoughts shortly.

I just cannot stop myself from 1-clicking.  😉