My Blood Runs Blue by Stacy Eaton

My Blood Runs BlueEvery now and then I will be featuring Paranormal Romance Reviews that I originally posted on my main book review blog – Keeper Bookshelf.  Since I do not want to create duplicate content, I cannot tell you too much about the books that I’m sending you on to another site to read about.  But I can let you in on a few things.

This novel has a fascinating twist on the vampire culture, as well as bringing in reincarnation to the mix.

I have to say it really worked well.  The story of Kristin, Alexander and Julian was tightly woven with frequent references to the threesome’s past.  Only trouble is, Kristin isn’t aware of their past – at first.  But she is aware of changes in herself that simply make no sense.

My Blood Runs Blue has these features

  • Mystery
  • Vampires
  • Reincarnation
  • A love triangle of sorts
  • A totally crazed villain
  • A slightly different vampire culture
  • Hot sexy scenes
  • An ending that you might not totally agree with but is right for the couple

Since you are here at Haunted Bookshelf, I’m going to assume that you enjoy good Paranormal Romance novels.  Well, then you hit paydirt on this one.

My Blood Runs Blue is an reissue, but slightly updated from the original.  It is also the beginning novel in a reissued, updated series by the same name.

I highly recommend it.  The complete review is over at this link to Keeper Bookshelf