Must Love Ghosts by Ani Gonzalez

Must Love GhostsTitle:  Must Love Ghosts
Series:  Banshee Creek #1
Author:  Ani Gonzalez
Genre:  Paranormal Romance – Ghost
Published:  September 7, 2015
Publisher:  FA C Publishing
My Rating:  4 stars
Source:  Borrowed with Kindle Unlimited
Cover Description:

Abby Reed believes in folk songs, faery tales, and ghosts, but she doesn’t believe in love. She lost her soulmate when her fiancé died while deployed in Afghanistan, but she still has her music, her crazy spectre-filled town, and her pen-pal-slash-best-friend, Mike Stone. It’s a good life and she’s happy, but when Mike arrives in Banshee Creek after his last tour of duty in Afghanistan, Abby starts to have doubts, about music, ghosts and, most importantly…love.

Like a good soldier, Mike Stone follows the rules, and Rule #1 is: Don’t Fall For Your Buddy’s Fiancée. His relationship with Abby has been strictly platonic, and will remain that way, if he has anything to say about it. But when he arrives in Banshee Creek, a town where the impossible is an everyday occurrence, he’ll find out that sometimes rules are meant to be broken.

Read on for my thoughts on Must Love Ghosts.

Welcome to Banshee Creek, Virginia.  A tiny town that wants the classification as the Most haunted Town in America, because the townsfolk believe it to be true.  This town has as many quirky, charming and totally dedicated citizens as it has haunted houses, things that go bump in the night and possible alien sightings.

Into the madness that is Banshee Creek walks Mike Stone, a military man here on one mission and one alone – to make a long overdue delivery to a buddy’s former fiancee – a woman he’s been in love with himself for years.  But, Abby is Cole’s girl  and just because Cole didn’t make it back from the war doesn’t mean Mike can make a move on his girl.  No, all he wants is to deliver this package and then get out of town to his next assignment.  But Abby isn’t going to make that very easy at all.

Abby and Mike have emailed, Skype-ed and Facebook-ed for years now – they’ve become good  friends and maybe, on Abby’s side, a bit more.  When Mike shows up on her doorstep on Halloween night she is delighted to see him and gives him no time to tell her why he’s here – that he is, that’s enough for her.  She will bundle him off to a Guinness Book Breaking party that will change everything they thought they knew about each other.

I enjoyed Must Love Ghosts.  But, in this first story of the series I found very little actual paranormal – talk about it, looking for it, but not actual activity or as characters within the story.  I’m hoping that will change as the series continues.  For the Most Haunted Town in America – it’s sort of lacking in obvious ghosts for the moment, at least.  It is filled with quirky, eccentric, and fun characters who want to believe in the paranormal, are actively seeking it and are finding reasons to create a Paranormal Investigation Building in town.

But that doesn’t mean that strange things aren’t happening – they are.  Are they paranormal?  I’ll let you decide that for yourself.

The main draw of Must Love Ghosts are Abby and Mike.  Two people who have been friends, love each other without the other’s knowledge who suddenly are in the same spot and can act on those feelings.  And make huge misunderstandings as well.  There are some hot and steamy sexual scenes, while I would not say erotic, it definitely leaves little to the imagination… so if that is an issue for you, then yes, you’ll find sex in this story.

You’ll also find two people who could be so good together as a couple.  Those misunderstanding will have to be cleared up, and some walls torn down.  But Abby’s uniqueness and Mike’s by the book-ness make for an interesting couple – and a very good story.  I’d recommend it and let you make up your own mind.

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