Just One Bite by Nora Snowdon

Title:  Just One Bite
Series:  Dances With Werewolves #1
Author:  Nora Snowdon
Genre:  Paranormal Romance
Published:  October 24, 2016 (original 2012)
My Rating:  4 stars
Source:  Kindle Unlimited
Cover Description:

Rosie has met the man of her dreams… Or could it really be her nightmares? After fabulous sex, he suddenly disappears. He re-enters her life in time for her to discover he’s being forced into a shotgun wedding.

Lucas finds in Rosie everything he’s ever wanted in a mate. Only problem is, she’s human. His werewolf parents want him to marry a nice girl with a fur coat, but the woman they’ve chosen is a bitch in more ways than one. When his fiancee Annabelle accidentally bites Rosie she is thrown into a whole new fuzzy lifestyle.

If Lucas can just downplay the negative aspects of being a werewolf – fleas, the desire to chase motorcycles, and Uncle Harold – maybe he can convince Rosie that Annabelle’s bite is actually a good thing. Now that she too is a werewolf, they can be together.

Can Lucas win back the love of his life? Can Rosie love a man who moonlights as a wolf? A sexy comedy that will have you howling…

Titles in this series include:  Just One Bite – First Bite is the Deepest – Big Girls Don’t Bite

Just One Bite is a funny, quirky, sexy and just plain fun romantic comedy paranormal style.  It’s a novella, under 100 Kindle pages, but please don’t let that stop you from discovering an enjoyable couple who happen to have the craziest luck.

Rosie is out with her friend doing the bar scene, even though she doesn’t particularly like to be here… at least she’s out of the house, and who knows, maybe she’ll meet someone fabulous.  Yeah, right.  She catches a whiff of a delicious, sinful scent and badly imitating a puppy starts sniffing the air around her.  Spinning around on the bar stool she comes nose to chest with the owner of that tantalizing scent.  Appearing to be as confused by events as she is, Lucas asks her to dance and once in his arms she can’t help but cuddle up as though she has every right to be right there… forever.  Rosie is devastated when Lucas returns her to her seat and then promptly leaves the bar.  He didn’t feel that thing between them?  Impossible, he’s running scared.  But since there’s no sense in staying around Rosie avoids a persistent drunk and tries to head home.  When the drunk is stupid enough to follow her into the parking lot and tries to grab her a large dog, maybe a wolf, snarls at him from the darkness and scares him away.  Rosie is thankful to her canine rescuer and with a pat to the pup’s head, gets into her car and heads quickly home.  She doesn’t see the animal following, watching over her until she is home safe… and then making note of the address and her car plates before disappearing into the night.

Lucas is a werewolf, the son of a leader and is expected to take over their pack one day.  His brother Robert should be the one taking leadership but since Robert has an… indelicate problem, it falls to Lucas to continue the line.  It is forbidden to mate with a human.  It took everything he possessed to walk away from Rosie.  He has no clue as to why, but she feels as natural in his arms as breathing.  But nothing will come from it as he is expected to select a mate from within the pack… one she wolf who is being shoved in his face, one he doesn’t really want but may not be able to avoid.

There you have the basic setup of Just One Bite.  Of course, there is lots more, sexy times, intrigue, misunderstandings, a bite, one very vindictive wolf… and two people who know they belong together, they just have to figure out how given the circumstances.  I enjoyed this one very much.  I love when a story with a paranormal slant will catch me off guard and into laughter.  It’s funny, witty and simply an enjoyable read.  I’m off now to pick up the next story… yeah, I like it that much.  I think you would too.

I read this story through my Kindle Unlimited subscription. For ten dollars a month you get access to thousands of really great stories across all genre, and the authors get paid for you reading the story through to the 100% mark. It’s a win-win. Probably the best 10 bucks I spend a month.

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