House of Shadows by Jen Christie

House of ShadowsTitle:  House of Shadows
Author:  Jen Christie
Genre:  Paranormal Romance – Time Travel
Published:  January 1, 2016
Publisher:  Harlequin Nocturne
My Rating:  5 stars
Source:  Owned, Kindle Edition
Cover Description:

Torn between two centuries…and two men.

The Great Charleston Earthquake catapults Penrose Heatherton from the 1880s into the present day. Though she’s still residing in Arundell Manor, it’s a very different world…with a different man inhabiting the ancestral estate. And Keat Arundell is every bit as brooding and intriguing as his ancestor–her former lover–had been.

Scared beyond reason by the new reality and the brilliant man who now lives there, Penrose hides in the mansion’s secret tunnels. Until Keat finds her, and soon they discover an immense passion. But their days are numbered. When strange things start happening, Penrose realizes she must go back to her own era. For if she can’t close a loophole in time, the man she’s come to love will never exist.

Read on for my thoughts on House of Shadows.

The idea of time travel is a paradox.  Something that is logically contradictory by definition.  As seen in novels, and movies and television programs the one unchangeable thing about time travel is change… one thing, one person, one event that is altered by a time traveler will change the future or the present perhaps because of those future changes.  You see?  A paradox.  Illogical on one hand – completely logical on the other.

This is proven in the fascinating story of House of Shadows.  In the 1880s, Penrose Heatherton was desperate and destitute.  She, in effect, stole a woman’s job opportunity.  She is the woman who will arrive at Arundell Manor and take the assistant position of Carrick Arundell.  A man who many people fear because of his differences, he is not a mad man, he is not crazy, he is in fact a brilliant inventor of mechanical men.  Penny, as she prefers to be called will begin to fall in love with Carrick, and his unique son C.J. – their lives together are merely beginning when an earthquake hits their home and Penny makes a split second decision to save C.J.’s life

…when the dust of the earthquake settles, Penny will make the frightening and confusing discovery that while she is still within Arundell Manor – she certainly isn’t in her time period.  Keat Arundell, a decedent of Carrick is a mastermind, inventor and the CEO of the family corporation – one that creates, invents and produces… robots.  Wealthy beyond imagination, and arrogant as well, when Keat discovers Penrose in his home – his completely locked, secured home his anger knows no bounds.  And her ridiculous story of being from the past – pure rubbish.  But as time moves on and Penrose and Keat discover an attraction between them what is a crazy, fanciful illusion becomes so much more.

House of Shadows is full of twists and turns and loops in time.  I don’t see how I can say much more than the very basics of the Cover Description and not give away huge plot lines or spoilers.  So I’ll simply say this…  this is a story that will hold you captive as you experience the disbelief on both Penrose and Keat’s part – what is happening to them is totally illogical, makes no sense but is a reality they must deal with.  I believe this is a story that will fascinate you – and you will not see the ending coming.

If you are a lover of time-travel in any form, this is a story that you will enjoy.  It’s been a few hours since I finished it and even now I’m still shaking my head at the twists involved in this story.  Take a chance and enjoy this particular paradox.

Available in paperback and for the Kindle