Dark, Witch & Creamy by H. Y. Hanna

A witch, a kitty and dark chocolate magic… 

Caitlyn is used to being the ugly duckling in her glamorous showbiz family… until the day she learns that she was adopted as an abandoned baby. Now, her search for answers takes her to the tiny English village of Tillyhenge where a man has been murdered by witchcraft – and where a mysterious shop selling enchanted chocolates is home to the “local witch”…

Soon Caitlyn finds herself fending off a toothless old vampire, rescuing an adorable kitten and meeting handsome aristocrat Lord James Fitzroy… not to mention discovering that she herself might have magical blood in her veins!

When she’s dragged into the murder investigation and realizes that dark magic is involved, Caitlyn is forced to choose. Can she embrace her witchy powers in time to solve the mystery and save those she loves?

Titles in the Bewitched by Chocolate series include:  Dark, Witch & Creamy – Witch Chocolate Fudge – Witch Summer Night’s Cream – Witch Chocolate Bites –

Review Date:  January 13, 2018

Title:  Dark, Witch & Creamy
Series:  Bewitched by Chocolate #1
Author:  H. Y. Hanna
Genre:  Paranormal Cozy Mystery
Published:  January 28, 2017
My Rating:  4.5 stars

I had such fun with Dark, Witch & Creamy the beginning story in Ms. Hanna’s Bewitched by Chocolate series.  I expected some world building, it is after all necessary to some degree in the first story of a series.  What I found was delightfully easily worked into the dialogue and narration in a most natural way.  I’m a reader who cannot stand information dumps, and discovering the needed information about this world felt as natural as my love of anything chocolate.

Caitlyn is on a search for who she truly is.  Recently discovering that she was a foundling  her mother discovered at the side of a rural road and adopted has changed Caitlyn’s outlook on many things.  While she never felt close to her famous adoptive mother, perhaps now she has a better idea as to why she felt that lack of a bond between them.  Yet her discovery also opens up a lot of questions about her own origins, the mysterious village she was found near and the rune-stone necklace that was around her neck when she was discovered.  Caitlyn has questions, and she’s determined to find answers… but these answers only lead to more questions and perhaps her future.

I was easily caught up in this Paranormal Cozy Mystery with suspects galore, secrets perhaps not as well hidden as some thought and a tiny village that time and GPS seems to have forgotten all blended together to give me an entertaining few hours with Caitlyn and her new life.  There were definite chuckle out loud moments, some tongue in cheek interactions and a murder mystery to solve.  I had fun, this story established the series for me, and I’ll be picking up the next story to continue this adventure.  I’d recommend Dark, Witch & Creamy to any reader who enjoys Paranormal and Cozy Mysteries.

I own a Kindle copy of this story.

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