Brotherhood in Death by J. D. Robb

Sometimes brotherhood can be another word for conspiracy…

Dennis Mira just had two unpleasant surprises. First he learned that his cousin Edward was secretly meeting with a real estate agent about their late grandfather’s magnificent West Village brownstone, despite the promise they both made to keep it in the family. Then, when he went to the house to confront Edward about it, he got a blunt object to the back of the head.

Luckily Dennis is married to Charlotte Mira, the NYPSD’s top profiler and a good friend of Lieutenant Eve Dallas. When the two arrive on the scene, he explains that the last thing he saw was Edward in a chair, bruised and bloody. When he came to, his cousin was gone. With the mess cleaned up and the security disks removed, there’s nothing left behind but a few traces for forensics to analyze.

As a former lawyer, judge, and senator, Edward Mira mingled with the elite and crossed paths with criminals, making enemies on a regular basis. Like so many politicians, he also made some very close friends behind closed—and locked—doors. But a badge and a billionaire husband can get you into places others can’t go, and Eve intends to shine some light on the dirty deals and dark motives behind the disappearance of a powerful man, the family discord over a multi-million dollar piece of real estate . . . and a new case that no one saw coming.

Titles in the In Death series include:  Let’s be frank at 45 full length titles as of 2017 plus 10 novellas in this amazing series there are simply too many to put on this post.  So, if you’re interested in seeing the entire book list for the In Death series I’ll send you to my J. D. Robb page

Title:  Brotherhood in Death
Series:  in Death #42
Author:  J. D. Robb
Genre:  Futuristic Mystery Suspense Romance
Published:  February 2, 2016
My Rating:  5 stars

Brotherhood in Death is a perfect example of why I stick with this long running series, why I pre-order every single story without bothering to read the blurb.  New in Death coming out?… one click.  That simple.

This story was an emotional roller coaster for me.  Main reason – Dennis Mira.  Sweet, absentminded Mr. Mira who Eve (and I confess, me too) is just a bit in  love with.  This time he’s been hurt during a mystery concerning his cousin who is now missing.  He’s never a suspect, but he is a prime source of information.  Eve is expecting a body to show up soon… and even though she’d rather be wrong on this one, all too soon a truly grisly discovery is made.

What makes this a “rough to read” story is the obvious conflicting emotions that this case will bring to so many people.  Yes, there is a murder committed and Eve and her team set out to find the killer.  Yet… as information is gathered, and more equally grisly murders are discovered the history of these connected killings soon becomes clear.  And knowing just what horrible, sadistic men these victims were actually makes it very difficult to blame their killers.  Totally illogical, of course, but the feeling is there just the same.  The law should never be taken into one person’s hands, and vengeance is not justice.  But this story will blur those lines and make you think a bit deeper on where you stand.

This case will haunt Eve with intense recurring dreams and memories of her own past.  We will see Eve at one of her lowest points emotionally as she battles both the past and the present.  Roarke will once more show his devotion to Eve in perhaps not always obvious ways.  He is there for her in the middle of the night when the demons of the past attack her dreams.  And he’s there in the day, helping her see her present in a different light and perhaps moving on from parts of her past.

In the midst of chaos, Trueheart will get his Detective’s Shield.  I remember when Troy first joined Eve’s team as a fresh faced police officer. he’s come a long way and Eve’s faith in him has played out well.  There are further developments in all the ongoing relationships.  I particularly enjoyed Eve and Peabody’s girl talk this time around.  It’s good to see Eve loosen up a bit more with each story, to gather her people in closer… but don’t ever call her on that.  *grin*

For me, Brotherhood in Death was a gripping, emotion filled mystery that hit all the right spots on what I want to find in an in Death story.  I absolutely loved this one, and would highly recommend it to any reader no matter their preferred genre.  It’s that good.

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