Brewing Love by Sara Bourgeois

Witch way to Tree’s Hollow? 

When Lenora “Lenny” Brewer finds herself fed up with her life in the city, she flees to her Aunt’s bed and breakfast in the small town of Tree’s Hollow. When a local handyman turns up dead, Lenny gets herself mixed up in a murder mystery. 

Add in a hunky forest ranger, her dream job as an investigative journalist for the local paper, and a cat with so much sass it’s practically criminal, and you’ve got a recipe for a magically good time. Oh and one more thing, Lenny didn’t even know she was a witch until she arrived at her new home in Tree’s Hollow. 

Will she learn to harness the craft brewing inside of her, or will trouble boil over and destroy everything she comes to love? 

Titles in the Tree’s Hollow Witches series include:  Brewing Love – Brewing Trouble – Brewing Boys – Brewing Fun –

Title:  Brewing Love
Series:  Tree’s Hollow Witches #1
Author:  Sara Bourgeois
Genre:  Cozy Paranormal Mystery
Published:  December 28, 2016
My Rating:  4 stars

Lenny’s had one heck of a week, and it’s not even half over yet.  Her long time boyfriend turned out to be a jerk of the first class, her boss is in a clear race for the position of most obnoxious boss ever and she’s just simply had enough.  On a spontaneous whim she packs up everything in one day, convinces her cat Jezebel to walk into her carrier and heads for the small town of Tree’s Hollow to stay with her favorite aunt for a while.  She has no idea that she’s in for some pretty amazing surprises real soon.

Lenny’s adventure really begins with a talking cat.  And like most cats Jezebel only speaks when she has something to say… or ask for more cream please.  Tree’s Hollow is more than a small town, it’s also quite magical in more than beautiful scenery.  It’s here that Lenny discovers that she has witchy powers, a talking cat and an aunt who knew all of this long ago.  Seems coming home to Tree’s Hollow has changed her life in more than one way.

It also seems like murder in a small town is part of her future as well.

Brewing Love is funny, a bit spooky and full of interesting characters.  I had an enjoyable time with this one and I’m definitely going to continue with the rest of the series.  Lenny is funny, Jezebel is an absolute howl and Lenny’s new love interest is a man I most definitely want to know more about.  Get started on a fun cozy paranormal mystery series and discover their antics and mysteries for yourself.

If you love cozy mysteries of the paranormal kind, then Tree’s Hollow Witches is sure to be a hit for you.

I read this title through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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