Bad Potions by Michelle Fox

Bad PotionsTitle:  Bad Potions
Series:  Charmed in Vegas #1
Author:  Michelle Fox
Genre:  Paranormal Romance
Published:  April 12, 2016
My Rating:  4.5 stars
Source:  Owned, Kindle Edition
Cover Description:

A witch on a hit list and a cursed elf hit sin city, their hearts and lives on the line.

Witch-in-training Marion fled to Vegas to escape being murdered. She’s counting on the wards of Vegas to protect her until she can learn the magic to do it herself. Except her love potions keep exploding, and if she can’t fix them, she’ll never control the defense magic that will keep her safe.

The last thing she wants to do is fall in love, but that might be the only fix for her bad potions.

Elf Aidan thought Vegas would be the place to break his curse and win his way back into the Fairy Queen’s honor guard, but it’s not turning out to be so easy. When he meets Marion, he realizes she might be just what he needs to get rid of his curse. But her would-be murderer has found her, and Aidan will have to protect her or lose his only chance at escaping the curse.

Aidan knows exactly what to do to keep Marion alive, but what he isn’t prepared for is falling in love.

And how that will royally piss off his Queen.

Read on for my thoughts on Bad Potions.

Aidan is an honor guard for his Queen.  This strong, sexy Elf is fully capable of protecting the Queen from any danger.  Unfortunately, Aidan cannot defend himself from his own words.  Comparing the Queen’s butt to “two glowing full moons” might not have been the wisest choice of words.  I don’t know of many women who would find it a compliment to have their backside compared to one full moon let alone two.  Yeah.  Needless to say, his Queen was not amused.  Aidan has been cursed and banished to the human realm until he breaks the curse.  Why he picked Las Vegas to “find a woman less than perfect and allow her to see his true self” is just part of Aidan’s charm of picking the wrong thing, or maybe, it truly is fate giving him a slight helping hand.

Marion is in hiding, desperate to learn as much defensive magic as she possibly can before Eric, the ex who tried to kill her is released.  Problem is her love potions suck and explode.  And these potions come before any of the useful magic taught in her classes.  This witch-in-training is finding herself in big trouble.  It’s not bad enough that a powerful mage has her on a hit list, a personal hit list – but she can’t even defend herself against a man she is terrified of.  One who will be back to finish what he started.

As Aidan sips his mead looking over the dance floor at the Queen’s establishment, the Avalon, in Las Vegas he begins to doubt his choice of locations.  Everyone here was either way too old or much too perfectly beautiful to fit his requirements for the curse breakage.  Until he spots a pretty young woman on the dance floor, dressed in baggy clothes intended to hide herself, yet she’s dancing with such abandonment that she’s giving off a silent cry for help that he cannot ignore.  Besides, the Queen never said the woman had to be ugly in order to break the curse, just not perfect.

And so begins Marion’s and Aidan’s madcap adventure to break a curse, foil a villain, and just maybe fall in love along the way.

Bad Potions is filled with laugh out loud moments, a few groan worthy decisions, a wonderful secondary cast of characters (and I do mean that other meaning of “character” as well) toss in a pixie Elvis impersonator, lots of magic and you’re gonna have one fantastical ride.  Since I’ve already bought and downloaded the rest of the stories available (so far, and please may there be many more) in this series, I’m itching to get to the next story.

If you occasionally enjoy your Paranormal Romance to be on the lighthearted, too funny for words side – then you are gonna love Bad Potions and the Charmed in Vegas series.

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