So… for whatever strange reason in the universe – I had not read any of J.R. Ward’s books.  I know, right?  For a Paranormal Romance lover, I’m honestly shocked myself.  So with Christmas Amazon Gift Cards in hand I downloaded the first in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series.  For now, I’m listing that series as well as the parallel running series, Black Dagger Legacy.  (these lists are for my use as well as your entertainment, as I keep track of where I am in reading order of series *grin*)

Any reviews that were done for Haunted Bookshelf will have the title linked back to the review post.

Black Dagger Brotherhood

  1.   Dark Lover
  2.   Lover Eternal
  3.   Lover Awakened
  4.   Lover Revealed
  5.   Lover Unbound
  6.   Lover Enshrined
  7.   Lover Avenged
  8.   Lover Mine
  9.   Lover Unleashed
  10.   Lover Reborn
  11.   Lover At Last
  12.   The King
  13.   The Shadows
  14.   The Beast
  15.   The Chosen (April 2017)

Black Dagger Legacy

  1.   Blood Kiss  (read after The Shadows)
  2.   Blood Vow  (read after The Beast)