I have loved Maggie Shayne’s works since the very first Wings in the Night (series) book.  In a time when Paranormal Romance was almost nonexistent, it was pure joy to discover that series, and I’ve followed it for years, including more recent additions to that lore.  Her vampires are dark, sexy and definitely do not sparkle.  This is a true vampire romance series.  Ms Shayne also writes gripping Mystery / Suspense novels – and of course is well known for her entertaining Contemporary Romance novels.

But it’s the Paranormal Romance and the Mystery-Suspense that I’ll focus on here at Haunted Bookshelf.

Because I read the Wings in the Night series so long ago, I’ll be re-reading them again in the coming year and will post reviews as I go along.  The titles below will be linked back to the review post when available.

Wings in the Night

1.  Twilight Phantasies

2.  Twilight Memories

3.  Twilight Illusions

4.  Beyond Twilight (anthology Strangers in the Night)

5.  Born in Twilight

6.  Twilight Vows ( in a 2 author release Brides of the Night)

7.  Twilight Hunger

8.  Embrace the Twilight

9.  Run from Twilight (included in Two by Twilight)

10.  Edge of Twilight

11.  Blue Twilight

12.  Prince of Twilight

13.  Demon’s Kiss

14.  Lover’s Bite

15.  Angel’s Pain

16.  Bloodline

17.  Twilight Prophecy  (Children of Twilight 1)

17.5  Vacation With A Vampire…and other Immortals (double author book)

18.  Twilight Fulfilled  (Children of Twilight 2)

Wings in the Night: Reborn

1.  Twilight Guardians

2.  Dead by Twilight in anthology Edge of Darkness

3.  Twilight Vendetta

4.  The Riannon Chronicles

The Portal

1.  Legacy of the Witch

2.  Mark of the Witch

3.  Daughter of the Spelllcaster

4.  Blood of the Sorceress

The Immortals

1. Eternity

2. Infinity

3. Destiny

The Secrets of Shadow Falls — (Mystery Suspense)

1. Killing Me Softly

2. Kill Me Again

3. Kiss Me, Kill Me

Brown and De Luca (Mystery Suspense)

1. Sleep With The Lights On

2.  Wake to Darkness

3.  Innocent Prey

4,  Deadly Obsession

Mordecai Young (Mystery Suspense)

1. Thicker Than Water

2. Colder Than Ice

3. Darker Than Midnight