Kristen Painter is an author that I’ve discovered recently.  I absolutely love finding new people to follow on their writing career… they add so much to my own life with their imagination filled stories.  Anyways.  I love a good Paranormal Romance, especially when it’s combined with humor and mystery.  And those are the types of stories Ms Painter gives us.  I began with Nocturne Falls series and quickly picked up Jayne Frost series.  I’m loving both, so my goal for this year is to get caught up on both series.  If you enjoy Paranormal Romance, then I think you’d like her work.

Any titles on these lists that have been reviewed here at Haunted Bookshelf will be linked to the review post.

Nocturne Falls

  •    1.  The Vampire’s Mail Order Bride
  •    2.  The Werewolf Meets His Match
  •    3.  The Gargoyle Gets His Girl
  •    4.  The Professor Woos The Witch
  •    4.5  The Witch’s Halloween Hero
  •    4.6  The Werewolf’s Christmas Wish
  •    5.  The Vampire’s Fake Fiancee
  •    5.5  A Vampire’s Valentine Surprise
  •    6.  The Shifter Romances The Writer
  •    5,5  The Vampire’s True Love Trials

Jayne Frost (an along-side Nocturne Falls series)

  1.   Miss Frost Solves A Cold Case
  2.   Miss Frost Ices The Imp
  3.   Miss Frost Saves The Sandman