Shayne, Maggie

I first discovered Maggie Shayne’s work back in her Harlequin/Silhouette days with her delicious vampire series Wings In The Night which I still contend is my favorite of all time series and the best vampire series out there.  My vampires do not sparkle.

Ms. Shayne also writes Romantic Suspense and Contemporary Romance but it is her Paranormal Romances that first captured my attention, and my devotion to a group of vampires and their adventures that I hope truly never, ever really comes to a close.  Hey, we all have our dreams, right?

You can find her official website at this link:  Maggie Shayne

Although I read her work across all genre, here at Haunted Bookshelf you’ll find the book lists for her Paranormal Romance and Romantic Suspense series.  (the Contemporary Romance are over on my Romance Is Ageless blog)

All titles that have been reviewed here at Haunted Bookshelf are linked to the review post.

Wings in the Night

  • Twilight Phantasies  #1
  • Twilight Memories  #2
  • Twilight Illusions  #3
  • Born in Twilight  #4
  • Twilight Hunger  #5
  • Embrace the Twilight  #6
  • Edge of Twilight  #7
  • Blue Twilight  #8
  • Prince of Twilight  #9
  • Demon’s Kiss  #10
  • Lover’s Bite  #11
  • Angel’s Pain  #12
  • Bloodline  #13
  • Twilight Prophecy  #14
  • Twilight Fulfilled  #15

Wings in the Night Novella (hard to find the originals now but they are available in two novellas a book on Amazon)

  • At Twilight – (Born in Twilight / Beyond Twilight)
  • Two by Twilight – (Twilight Vows / Run From Twilight)

Wings in the Night:  Reborn

  • Twilight Guardians  #1
  • Twilight Vendetta  #2
  • The Rhiannon Chronicles #3
  • Dead by Twilight – in the Edge of Darkness anthology