wisdom books fcaI love paranormal novels, movies, television shows.  Vampires.  Witches.  Warlocks.  Wizards.  Ghosts.  Werewolves.  If it comes a haunting, then I will most likely read about it — and review it on one of my book review blogs.

My main review book blog is Keeper Bookshelf.  It’s been around about 5 years as of today (2-21-15).  It is where my main book review focus is – not my only – but the #1 website in the book world where I post every single day.  My reading interests are vast.  Romance.  Fantasy.  Murder.  Thriller.  Suspense.  Paranormal.  It’s fair to say if it’s printed on paper (think grocery lists)… then I will probably at some point read it.

I’m hoping to gather up an audience of like minded folks.  Who simply love the paranormal world.

I hope you’ll visit us often.