A Hex on Comment Spammers!

colorful little witch fcaDo you really think that your spam advertisements are going to get past my spam folder?  Are you truly dumb enough to think I’ll let you slip by my own  manual approval of comments on my blog?

Not gonna happen.

Actually, I’m quite gleeful, cackling actually as I have a field day deleting your spamming comments.


~ * ~ * ~ * ~

To the rest of the world – carry on.  My rant is done for the moment.

Know that true comments are always welcome — spam, never.

2 thoughts on “A Hex on Comment Spammers!

    1. Marsha Post author

      Within an 8 hour timeframe I’d had 173 comments, spam comments attached to one post. Obviously, this url has been added to one of “those lists” — and I simply lost it. Perhaps I should have kept my thoughts to myself, but today enough was enough.. and I ranted.

      Hopefully I won’t go off the deep end again any time soon. One rant is all I’m allowed. The people I truly feel badly for are the bloggers or webmasters who do not monitor their comments. They end up with a lot of links on their sites that I’m certain they really don’t want associated with their own.

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