A Haunted Bookshelf

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I bid you welcome to  A Haunted Bookshelf.

This blog is a part of Keeper Bookshelf (dot) com – where I have my main book review site located.  At Keeper Bookshelf I review a variety of genre — Contemporary Romance, Historical Romance, Regency Romance, Paranormal, Fantasy, Mystery, Urban Fantasy, New Adult, Suspense and some YA.

On Haunted Bookshelf you will find novels with a paranormal overtone.  There might be ghosts.  You might be introduced to a community of vampires contentedly living in the Carpathian Mountains.  It’s possible you will encounter werewolves and their mates.

What you read about here will be Paranormal in nature.  Love stories, of course.  But not your accepted human romances – not when shifters are involved.  *smirks*

If you enjoy these types of novels then I sincerely hope you will come along on our journey.  There will, in time, be additions of weekly features and such.  But all in due time. For now, I simply hope to entertain you by telling you about some really interesting paranormal novels available at your local bookstore or library right now.